Welcome to the website of MG Marketing, the leading supplier of fresh produce to New Zealand, Australian and global consumer markets.

Known as MG, we are a co-operative company with a successful record of growing, distributing and selling a comprehensive range of fresh vegetables and fruit.

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Our grower-based co-operative has established productive alliances with major food sector enterprises around the world.

We work closely with retail chains and independent outlets to provide top quality produce, both home-grown and in partnership with Dole and Sunkist for tropical fruit.

Along with our Australian trading group LaManna, we are at the forefront of initiatives in quality assurance, storage, packaging and delivery innovations, all designed to meet today’s consumer needs.

MG’s task is to grow and deliver the highest certified quality produce from source to market in a timely, reliable and efficient manner.

We are consistently at your service in working to meet this objective.


Peter Hendry

Chief Executive