MG Marketing is a member of the New Zealand Cooperatives Association.


MG Marketing is the trading name for Market Gardeners Ltd, founded in 1923 by a group of independently minded vegetable growers in Wellington, New Zealand. Set up as a co-operative to provide mutual support and endeavour for participating grower-shareholders, we retain the same ownership structure today. Our business is now one of the largest fresh produce suppliers in Australasia and the Pacific region.

NZ Growth

From its original warehouse and auction room in Wellington, MG has grown to encompass trading divisions and local branches in New Zealand, Australia and North America. We also import and export fresh produce between these and other countries around the Pacific rim.

Initial expansion in New Zealand resulted from growers in other regions joining the co-operative enterprise to access local markets. New branches were formed over successive decades in key growing regions nationwide. Today we have eight branch operations in New Zealand, plus national ripening facilities and a support head office. For more details go to Directory

Offshore Growth

To complement locally grown produce, MG imports substantial volumes of tropical fruit from around the world. For New Zealand, these include Dole branded bananas, grapes and pineapples. Sunkist products are imported by us into New Zealand and Australia. These joint ventures have flourished to the extent that most tropical fruit consumed in New Zealand is supplied by MG.

In 2005 we expanded our operations in Australia by acquiring the LaManna Group of Companies, a enterprise with produce growing and supply networks across the country. LaManna and its associates operate farms, produce markets, ripening facilities, importing and exporting activities. For more details go to Directory

We also run an office in California, USA, for produce procurement from North American sources.


For most of its history MG held daily branch auctions for growers to sell fresh produce to retailers and the public. Today the process is vastly different. The majority of vegetables and fruit are now grown and supplied to order for domestic and export markets.

In the modern consumer-driven world, MG works closely with retailers within national and international distribution networks for fresh produce.

We have invested heavily in new storage, packaging and transport methods to underpin these relationships and ensure produce quality meets consumer expectations. Our links with domestic and offshore growers mean that buyers today can purchase virtually all lines of fresh fruit or vegetables, all year round.


MG has succeeded in expanding business activity in a fiercely competitive and price-sensitive seasonal industry. As the vital intermediary between produce growers and retailers, our task is to respond rapidly and accurately to changing market needs. We have achieved this through a co-operative structure that fosters sales, marketing and field teamwork, led by astute and experienced management. For key profiles go to Executives.

Applied across domestic retail food sectors as well as a growing number of offshore markets, our co-operative principle is proving well-founded. With strong supply systems, distribution networks and marketing alliances in place, we are determined to continue playing an essential role in global fresh produce sales.